Podcast: Scaling Green Hydrogen for a Global Market

After learning about Japan’s obsession with hydrogen fuel and taking an energy class this semester, I’ve been taking a deep dive into learning more about hydrogen as an alternative fuel. Theoretically, it’s a great stepping stone for the energy transition away from fossil fuels because it resembles traditional fossil fuels and it’s showing great potential. I learned a lot from this podcast (I’ve been listening to a lot of it recently); I thought the part about setting up hydrogen production in coastal desert areas to be particularly fascinating.

Article: We’re Not Who You Think We Are

This is a question I find myself grappling a lot when I enter Buddhist spaces: where are all the Asian faces? There is a huge lack of representation for Asian Americans generally but surely that shouldn’t be the case for an Asian religion? Personally, the attribution to white people crowding out the American Buddhist zeitgeist is only part of the issue. I think another equally pressing issue is the fact that Asian Americans occupy a space between being neither Asian nor American and tend to forsake Asian religion. If they do follow Buddhism, it is mostly cultural without deeper learning of the philosophies behind it. As an Asian American Buddhist myself, I have quite a few thoughts on this that might turn into a blog post in itself.

Wikipedia: Chiyou

No, this isn’t the goldfish that was dominating the Scarlet and Violet OU metagame. Chiyou is a legendary Hmong warrior-king who is honoured as a god of war. This page is rather sparse so I’ll have to do some more reading about him. I do think it’s interesting to learn how Chinese history is rife with warfare.

Movie: Moshari

I heard Bangladeshi cinema is still in its growing phase but this short film was really good. It isn’t terribly scary and I think the themes of family and protection are memorable. Great idea too. Moshari is the word for mosquito net in Bengali; who doesn’t like mosquitos?! It’s about time there was a mosquito themed(-ish) horror movie.